True Crime Boxed Set – Volumes 1-5

100 Shocking Stories of Murder and Mayhem

Shocking and brutal true crimes against innocent victims who deserve to have their stories remembered.

A true crime boxed set of 100 stories, Killer Case Files delivers gripping accounts of depraved and horrifying murders. These killers can range from seemingly normal people to psychopaths and serial killers who commit years of murder and mayhem.

Follow law enforcement as they use forensic science and old school detective skills to identify and apprehend these violent criminals, deviant predators, and serial killers.

This Boxed Set of Killer Case Files – Volumes 1 to 5 includes . . .

Disappearance in Sunrise City: When an eleven year old girl goes missing and is found dead days later, it’s odd how quickly the case goes cold and then stays cold for decades. Where was the murderer all those years and what was he doing every day? Maybe, he was a first responder who was supposed to help find missing children.

Washington Axe Murderer: A beautiful area of Seattle, popular with both locals and tourists, had its residents living in fear during the summer of 1990 as an axe murderer stalked the neighborhood and left terrifying messages inside homes.

Friendly Betrayal A sinister presence lurking online as several different people, finds a way to tempt a young woman in Alaska into enlisting help to commit the cold blooded murder of her innocent and unsuspecting best friend.

The Truth Will OutDNA technology is a miraculous tool for crime investigation. Genetic science is an unbiased and incorruptible finder of facts. It finds facts related to a criminal investigation, and it also finds old family secrets. Sometimes an old family secret is that a relative is also a murderer.

Killer Power Couple Readers of true crime stories are accustomed to learning about deranged, sadistic people who live secret lives consumed with malicious and violent fantasies and desires. But it’s very rare for two of these monstrous people to find each other, marry, and go on a joint torture and killing spree.

. . . plus 95 more shocking, true crime murder stories from Jamie Malton’s Best True Crime.

If you enjoy the books from top authors like Jack Rosewood, Robert Keller, and Jason Neal – you’ll love Jamie Malton’s Best True Crime series.

Each of the five volumes in this boxed set includes a a bonus chapter and additional supporting Case Files from every story – available free at the author’s website, where readers can join the author to dive further into additional photos, news reports and disturbing specifics of each case.

A Word of Warning

The explicit details of these murders come directly from eyewitness accounts, interviews, police reports, court transcripts, crime scenes, and autopsy reports. They contain disturbing facts that may not be for everyone.