Shocking and brutal true crimes against innocent victims who deserve to have their stories remembered.

A true crime anthology of 20 stories, Killer Case Files delivers gripping accounts of depraved and horrifying murders. These killers can range from seemingly normal people to psychopaths and serial killers who commit years of murder and mayhem.

Follow law enforcement as they use forensic science and old school detective skills to identify and apprehend these violent criminals, deviant predators, and serial killers.

20 Shocking Stories in Each Volume

Volume 6 includes . . .

In Self-Defense: A husband and wife bodybuilding couple had a tempestuous relationship. Infidelity and heavy steroid use escalated into frequent violence. But the husband would never had guessed that his explosive outbursts of choking and beating his wife would end with him on their apartment floor looking at his own liver.

You Can’t Make Me!:  Anyone with an elderly parent knows the difficulty in thinking about putting them in assisted living. Thomas was in this position with his ninety year old mother. He decided that the best place for her was a local facility, but did not expect to hear his mother say, “You can’t make me.” She was right.

Paying the Price:  Two troubled teenagers fall in love and get married. When one of them admits her ambition is to one day become a murderer and even a serial killer, you know it’s a story that will end tragically. She accomplished one of her goals and, but for poor marksmanship, nearly achieved both.

Seduce Marry Kill:  It’s usually a good idea for any senior citizen to have a hobby, especially if it involves meeting new people and forming new relationships. The exception is Melissa, who only wanted to meet older men so she could kill them and collect their pensions.

. . . plus 16 more shocking, true crime murder stories from Jamie Malton’s Best True Crime.

If you enjoy the books from top authors like Jack Rosewood, Robert Keller, and Jason Neal – you’ll love Jamie Malton’s Best True Crime series.

Each volume in this series includes a 21st bonus chapter and additional supporting Case Files from every story – available free at the author’s website, where readers can join the author to dive further into additional photos, news reports and disturbing specifics of each case.

A Word of Warning

The explicit details of these murders come directly from eyewitness accounts, interviews, police reports, court transcripts, crime scenes, and autopsy reports. They contain disturbing facts that may not be for everyone.