Shocking and brutal true crimes against innocent victims who deserve to have their stories remembered.

A true crime anthology of 20 stories, Killer Case Files delivers gripping accounts of depraved and horrifying murders. These killers can range from seemingly normal people to psychopaths and serial killers who commit years of murder and mayhem.

Follow law enforcement as they use forensic science and old school detective skills to identify and apprehend these violent criminals, deviant predators, and serial killers.

20 Shocking Stories in Each Volume

Volume 3 includes . . .

  • Friendly Betrayal:  A sinister presence lurking online as several different people, finds a way to tempt a young woman in Alaska into enlisting help to commit the cold blooded murder of her innocent and unsuspecting best friend.
  • Missing Lifeguard:  Perhaps the only thing more heartbreaking than a case of a murdered teenager is an unsolved case of a murdered teenager. A beautiful16-year-old lifeguard abducted and killed. Several credible suspects. Zero convictions.
  • The Night Nurse:  A woman’s mental health begins to spiral downward after her family rejects her sexual orientation. Her descent accelerates from wanting to take her own life, to hearing God’s voice telling her to take many other people’s lives.
  • Nameless Murder:  The identity of a murdered child has eluded police for four decades. Even DNA from her body has failed to yield a connection to her murderer, or even to who the victim’s family is. As the web of known DNA is ever expanding, this mystery can not last much longer.

. . . plus 16 more shocking, true crime murder stories from Jamie Malton’s Best True Crime.

Each volume in this series includes a 21st bonus chapter and additional supporting Case Files from every story – available free at the author’s website, where readers can join the author to dive further into additional photos, news reports and disturbing specifics of each case.

A Word of Warning

The explicit details of these murders come directly from eyewitness accounts, interviews, police reports, court transcripts, crime scenes, and autopsy reports. They contain disturbing facts that may not be for everyone.