Killer Case Files

Volume 8

Chapter 01: Body In The Marsh

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Lisa Holstead
Lisa Holstead with her son, Jeremy
Lisa Holstead’s with son, Jeremy, who was only five-years-old when his mother was murdered
Jeremy today
Newspaper article from 1986
Lou Archie Griffin, age 65

Chapter 02: Teen’s Dark Descent

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Kit Darrant
Kit Darrant, 19, and lawyer, Tara Kawass

Chapter 03: A Father’s Betrayal

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Thomas Valva
Thomas, in the green shirt
Michael Valva
Michael Valva, being handcuffed after he was found guilty of second-degree murder
Angela Pollina

Chapter 05: Burning Secrets

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Jill and Julie Hansen
Julie Ann Hansen
Julie Hansen
Jillian Lee “Jill” Hansen

Chapter 06: Deadly Beliefs

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Elli Present Perkins
Jeremy Perkins

Chapter 07: The Last Breath

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Efren Saldivar
Efren Saldivar in court.

Chapter 09: Sex and Murder

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Jane Ellen Engelbrecht Bashara
Jane Bashara
Jane and Bob Bashara in 2011
Bob Bashara in court
Bob Bashara in 2020
Joe Gentz in court

Chapter 10: The Wealth and the Tragedy

Robert Cosgrove “Bobby” Greenlease Jr.
Bobby with his father.
Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Heady

Chapter 12: The Lambeth Poisoner

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Thomas Neill Cream in 1874
The execution of Dr. Thomas Neill Cream

Further Investigation:

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Chapter 13: The Empty Bed

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Nima Louise Carter
Nima's father, George, holds a picture of his daughter
Nima Louise Carter's grave
Carpitcher twins
Jackie Roubideaux

Chapter 14: Locked Up And Tortured

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Fan Man-Yee
Fan Man-Yee with her son.
Hello Kitty Murder mermaid doll
Murder occured on 3rd floor, left.
Leung Shing-Cho and Leung Wai-Lun

Chapter 15: The Hustler

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Gary Bowles' arrest photo in 1994.
Gary Ray Bowles in court, 1996.
Gary Ray Bowles

Chapter 16: A Vampire Clan

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Victims and Richard Wendorf and Naomi Ruth Queen
Rod Ferrell, leader of the Vampire Clan, hangs upside down.
Rod Ferrell, Dana Cooper, Scott Anderson and Charity Kessee
Rod Ferrell
Rod Ferrell in 2008

Chapter 17: Don’t Do Drugs

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William Inmon, center, shows Apache County attorney's office investigator Brian Hounshell, right, the window through which Inmon said he shot 72-year-old William Stoney McCarragher.
William Inmon prison photo.

Chapter 18: Greyhound Horror

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Timothy McLean
Carol de Delley, mother of Tim McLean.
Memorial to Timothy McLean is beside the Trans-Canada Highway

Chapter 19: The Last Thanksgiving

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Lisa and Joel Guy Sr.
Lisa and Joel Guy Sr's home.
Joel Guy Jr.
Joel Guy Jr.
Joel Michael Guy Jr. in court.

Chapter 20: Confessions Freely Given

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Victims from left to right- Compton, Greening, Simmons
Paul Stephani's car
Paul Michael Stephani
Paul Michael Stephani

Bonus Chapter: Behind the Screen

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Bianca Devins
Bianca Devins - three social media photos of her.
Bianca Devins with her mom Kim at her high school graduation
Brandon Clark and Bianca Devins
Brandon Clark in court.